Putting the Pieces Together

Your creations, your team -You- are defined by a narrative.

You don’t define your story. Others do.

Every interaction is a puzzle piece in that story.

I can help you put the pieces together.

Narratives, stories, postioning, ‘branding’…these aren’t just icing on the cake: everything you make • do • say affects how people perceive you. Everyone in your group has to know and aspire to the goals, ideals and values of who you are.

People tell YOU what your brand is.

Sometimes you need fresh eyes to identify issues and strengths, guide brand development and strategy, refine your message and learn how to communicate that message.

I enjoy working with companies and creators. Today, the only difference between a Fortune 500 company, a startup or an independent creator is size. You are what people think you are, and people will make their decisions using the same online tools.

What sets you apart isn’t a ‘brand’…it’s your actions. Every email, transaction, social media message, every piece of video or audio content add up in people’s mind. Everything you do defines who you are.

There’s a lot of moving pieces to consider.

Let me help you put the pieces together.

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